Chrisís Moving Targets screenplay won the Best Action Sequence Feature award at the 2017 Action On Film / Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival. Moving Targets also took second place for Best Unpublished Screenplay at the 2016 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. His Guns For Hire screenplay was a finalist at the 2018 Los Angeles Film and Script Festival, the 2016 World Series of Screenwriting and the 2016 Hollywood Screenplay Contest.

Chrisís film Deadline (www.deadline-themovie.com) aired on Time Warner, Comcast, Charter, Cox, Verizon, and AT&T video on demand in spring/summer of 2013 and hit the foreign market in the spring of 2014.

Deadline, a supernatural crime thriller that Chris also wrote, netted him fifteen awards from the California Film Awards (where the Deadline screenplay won a Diamond award), the L.A. Movie Awards, the Lucerne International Film Festival, and the L.A. Cinema Fest of Hollywood among others. Deadline was an official selection in the 2012 Fright Night Film Fest and the 2012 Indie Horror Film Fest, where it was nominated for Best Director, Best Feature, Best Leading Actress, and Best Cinematography.

Chris scored half of Deadline and won Best Original Score from the LA Cinema Fest of Hollywood. His music was also featured on the Nickelodeon show Victorious.

Chrisí previous work includes Fortitude and Glory (www.fortitudeandglory.com), a boxing documentary on the late, great boxing guru Angelo Dundee, featuring interviews with two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman and world famous trainer Freddie Roach. Fortitude won the Gold Remi Award for Best Sports Documentary from Houston Worldfest.